What Is Satan Brief History Devil

Satan Brief History Devil

The devil was not always the figure of evil you can imagine.
Jesus, in the New witness, asks him his name, and the demon tells him in these words:

(the Gospel according to saint mark). And, indeed, the devil has many names. ‘S called it Lucifer, Beelzebub or Satan.
Very early found in the Old Testament in the book of Job. He is not evil. Infect, Satan isn’t even a proper name, but a common name. They say the satan(in principle not capitalized), which means the opponent. It is the accuser, as in a court. It runs the will of God:
The day where the son of God came to present themselves before Wahvey, Satan also came among them.

And Allah replied:

He has no equal on Earth: a man of integrity and right, who fears God and departs from evil. Have him you surrounded hedge, also as his house and its surrounding area? You blessed all of its businesses, and its heads abound in the country.

But Allah gives me all control that I swayed the people; I bet that he will curse you in the face! “–“ Is! said Yahweh to Satan, all that he has is in your power. But don’t do this and Satan came out before Allah.” Beelzebub transient History of The Devil
(The Old Testament, the book of Job)

Chastened to be rebelling, Satan will be cast into the abyss and will drop for thousands of years. Finally, it becomes:
Suddenly he found himself pushing horrible wings;
He became a monster, and that the Angel in him
Died, and the rebel in felt some trouble.
He left his shoulder, once bright,
Shudder at the hideous cold of the membranous wing,

Crossing his arms and covered his forehead.

This bandit, as if he grew up under the insult,
but Alone in these depths that clutters the ruin,
Glared at the cave of the shadow.
(Victor Hugo, the end of Satan)
Satan is a fallen angel who became the torment of humanity and Speaking to God, he exclaims:
But I‘ll avenge myself on his understanding,
On the man he created, Adam and Eve.

It is the tempter who offers men to realize their desires in exchange for their soul, abandoning God. Number of novels the story about the adventures of his famous literary victims (Faust by Goethe, Melmoth of Maturin, the monk of Lewes, the Elixirs of the devil of Hoffmann or even the temptation of St.

Mark Anthony of Flaubert…)
At the same time, the opponent reveals the horror of the life of men, as shown in this snippet of dialogue between Antoine and the Devil:


It is a paradise for good, and also hell for evil! The devil but
The requirement of your reason does the law of things? Crime is probably indifferent to God since the Earth is covered!
What is impotence that it supports, or cruelty that he keeps?
Do you think he is continuing to adjust the world as an imperfect work, and he‘s been watching all the movements of all human beings, since the flight of the butterfly until the man thinking?
(The Temptation of St. Anthony by Gustave Flaubert)

However, the demon is sometimes an ally. Asmodeus, nicknamed the lame devil which raises the roofs of houses, offers its services todon Cleofás issuing of a vial in which he was locked up:
He left the demon nothing terrible will happen to you.

On the contrary, you will be happy with my gratitude. I‘ll teach you everything you want to know. I will instruct you to everything that happens in the world. supernatural being temporary History of The Devil

(The lame devil of Alain-René Le Sage)

Of course, the Devil‘s offspring. Wanting to regain the power he had over men until Jesus save them, he decides to give birth to a man World Health Organization, rather than protect them, would lead to their loss.


This man would know the past and thus would be able to reduce huminity But God having known about the project decided to grant him the knowledge of the future. This man is Merlin, supernatural being both evil and divine (see the adaptation of Merlin of Anne-Marie c. Colin)
To the rest, in the middle ages, the evil being doesn’t have much scary. In mysteries or the fabliaux, the devil is nothing else than the opposite, the happy side of the religious principle. Think about this devil that picks up the soul of a dying man and believes that it escapes by the back (see the pet of the villain). Rabelais ‘assured us before all that the Devils were good companions!

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