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Istikharah is basically a prayer which we offer to ask for guidance by Allah. In this way, we can get help from Allah Almighty in every matter of a life. If at any time in life, we are in a trouble of decision making, we do not know which way is best for us, then there is a need for Istikharah.

Allah Almighty will guide us by giving signals through a dream. By reciting Istikharah dua, we automatically guided by what is good or best for us. After doing this halal procedure, we completely hand over the entire matter in Allah’s hands. As a result, we do whatever is best for us.

It is a very desirable act and a prayer for goodness. We are humans, not angels. We do not know what is best for us here in this world and the world hereafter. The thing that we should keep in mind that this world life is not only important.

We must take those decisions in life which Allah likes and good for us even after death. So that we seek guidance from Allah Almighty before doing any task.

Who performs Istikharah?

We can perform Istikharah by our own selves if we pray five times a day or we can ask for someone to do this halal procedure for us who is very close to Allah Almighty.

Why is there a need for istikharah?

People do istikharah when they choose a life partner, asking Allah Almighty whether both the life partners are good for each other or not. If anyone wants to start a new business to check whether this business will be profitable for him/her or not or for any decision which we want to take in our lives.

Before the beginning of an important task or step we want to take in our lives, we have to do Istikharah first. Not anyone wants to have a wrong decision in his/her life because it will create problems for him/her in the future. So we perform Istikharah to seek help from Allah Almighty.

Sometimes we like a path which is not good for us or dislike a path which is bad for us, at this time there is a need for istikharah. Sometimes, things which seem attractive are not good for us, so Allah Almighty tells us the best option through this halal procedure.

“O Allah, destine good for me and choose for me” 

Aamil Toseeq is there for you to do Istikharah.

Some people are very proficient in doing istikharah. We are one of them among these people who perform this halal procedure. We guide people by seeking help from Allah Almighty.

The Prophet of Allah states: “Among the felicities of the children of Adam is that he performs an Istikhara and his pleasure in that which Allah has decreed for him. And among the misfortunes of the children of Adam is abandoning the Istikhara and not being pleased with what Allah has decreed.”

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