What is Ism-e-Azam?


Surely, associate degree developed majority from which you have to detected regarding the term Ism-e-Azam. The great Sufis have created significant works and explanations on this subject based upon the religious text. They have listed the benefits and rewards of this invaluable zikr of God. Ism-E-Azam

We tend to as customary Muslims don’t possess the flexibility and information to thoroughly inform you regarding Ism-e-Azam, its formulae, deduction, and edges.  But with full honesty, we’ll attempt to describe it to the community. The religious text states:

And (all) the foremost lovely Names belong to Supreme Being, thus turn Him by them, and leave the corporate of these WHO belie or deny (or utter impious speech against) His Names. they’ll be required for what they wont to do (7:180)

Say (O Muhammad SAW): “Invoke God or invoke the foremost Beneficent (Allah), by no matter name you cite Him (it is that the same), for to Him belong the most effective Names. And provide your salaah (prayer) neither aloud nor during a low voice, however, follow the most straightforward way between. (17:110)

Let us perceive the aim of this revelation (shan-e-nuzool) of the on top of domestic of Surah Isra (17):

“One night the leader of every world, Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) was doing disgusted supernatural being among the blessed Kaaba. In Sajdah he has loudly auditory communication Ya supernatural being thus Ya Rahman.

Once Abu Jahl saw this, he told his colleagues “look, Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) tells the U.S.A. to not bow all the method right down to and call to more Gods, but these days is trying to Gods himself. Generally, he calls supernatural being, and generally, he calls Rahman”.

Currently, this domestic help was disclosed, among that this doubt was removed that supernatural being and Rahman aren’t a pair of completely different|completely different} names of two separate people.  However, the unit of measurement the names of the specified being remarked as a supernatural being. The psychic nature is that the Ism-e-Zati (personal) and Rahman is His attribute. Ism-e-Azam

Tafseer Naeemi states with relevance the domestic of Sura Isra:

“asking dua is associate degree associate act of worship, obedience, and helplessness, then thus, once a Dua is asked from God it got to be through His names and attributes. Whether or not or not His Emiliano Zapata name is utilized or his qualities, every square measure acceptable. But it ought to be noted that at the time of Dua, no various names ought to be used except His names.

Benefit of Ism-e-Azam

The great Sufis and Auliya Ikraam teach that Allah’s Zaati name and His attributes square measure all Ism-e-Azam. They have to treat many of the ayahs from the Koran as Ism-e-Azam. They state that every individual has associated Ism-e-Azam. Shaykh Fakhruddin Khwarizmi says that after supernatural being prescribes associate belief to someone supported his/her circumstances, then that’s their Ism-e-Azam, for example:
Hazrat Ayyub’s (peace be upon him) Ism-e-Azam was Arham-ur-Rahimeen, endorsed this verse:

The Ism-e-Azam of Hazrat Sayyidina Suleiman (peace be upon him) was Wahaab when he prayed to Allah:


Hazrat Zakariya’s (peace be upon him) Ism-e-Azam was “Khair-ul-Waritheen,” as stated below:

And (remember) Zakariya (Zachariah), once he cried to his Lord: “O My Lord! Leave Maine not single (childless), although you’re the simplest of the inheritors.”

It is evident that the prayers created by the great Prophets of Supreme Being were accepted. Hazrat Ayub was cured, Hazrat Suleiman was granted Kingdom Associate in Nursing Hazrat Zakariya received a teachable and humble child in Hazrat Yahya. Ism-e-Azam

There unit many Ahadith and sayings of the good personalities concerning what unit Ism-e-Azam. Therefore the means it’s usually obtained. Allama Naqi Ali Khan (RA) and A’laa Hazrat have jointly talked concerning this issue. People who would like to study this subject genuinely ought to ask for a recommendation from the book Ahsan-u-Dua. Inshallah with the steering of Supreme Being, non-secular Foundation, UK, will plan to list all the explanations and elucidations of Ism-e-Azam among the on the point of future.

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