Gem stones

Gem stones are basically crystals or rocks which we can use mostly in making jewelry. These are very rare and precious. All of these have very beautiful and attractive colors i.e yellow, red, white, blue, green, brown, purple etc.

Also, these are very light in weight and people love to wear these attractive gems stones. Only rich people can afford these to wear because these gems stones are very expensive to buy.

In the past, only kings and queens wear these gems stones according to the horoscopes but nowadays common people also wear these stones and enjoy its benefits. Moreover, people believe that gems stones can change your bad luck into good luck, and unhealthy to healthy.

Engineers, architects, lawyers, politician, artists, legal experts, judges, students, advocates, businessmen, writers, publishers, industrialists, celebrities, gem therapists also love to wear the gems stones.

Businessmen believe that they can get success in a business by wearing a suitable stone according to the horoscope. Some people wear a suitable gemstone to get a higher position in jobs.

We must consult an expert astrologist before wearing these gems stones to enjoy good health for a lifetime. These gems stones can change your bad luck into a good luck.

9 planets and 9 gems stones

According to astrology, there are 9 planets in the solar system and these 9 planets represent 9 gems stones. These 9 gems stones depict different features and have the different effect on someone wearing these.

Different gems stones represent different planets and give different benefits. These are  the following gems stones which are given below:

Ruby-the sun, pearl-the moon, coral- the mars, emerald- the mercury, yellow sapphire- the Jupiter, diamond-Venus.Moreover, blue sapphire- the Saturn, hessonite- the Rahu and cat’s eye- Ketu.

Several diseases can heal by wearing a particular gemstone which suits you. It can heal fevers, chicken pox, and jaundice.

Moreover, these can also heal other diseases i.e fistula, impotency, anemia, general debility, weakness, lassitude, body pain, allergies, inflammations, cough and cold, bronchitis, pneumonia and also can cure infections related to blood.

Several gems stones are also very beneficial for students who find difficulty in learning and have a weak IQ level, these gems stones can also cure this problem of students.

Moreover, some gem stones are beneficial to those husband/wife who wants to be blessed with a child. They can fulfill their wish by wearing a suitable gemstone after consulting an astrologist.

Different gems stones have different advantages and disadvantages.

Come and meet a well-known expert astrologist- Aamil Toseeq for consultation about which gemstone suits you?

Aamil Toseeq provides you 24/7 hours services for the recommendation of suitable gem stones for you according to your horoscope. We are always available to guide you which one gemstone is suitable for you and which gemstone will suit you and which one will harm you.


Do not wear any gem stone without consultation from an expert because some gem stones which are not suitable for you according to your horoscope. These can also get you unhealthy and unlucky rather than give benefits. Moreover, it can also bring you to take wrong decisions in your life. Do not take any risk of your life by wearing a wrong stone.

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