Divorce Problem

Divorce Problem Solution In Islam

Divorce Problem

About 40 to 50 percent of people are facing divorce problems in marriages in our country. This is due to many reasons. We are living in a society in which nobody is ready to compromise in his/her lives, as a result, both husband and wife give divorce to each other and end up a relationship which influences both of them badly. Divorce Problem

There are also several issues which result in an ending up relationship. Issues are either financial problems, poor incompatibility, misunderstandings, joint family problems, emotional disorders, early age,lack of education, lack of communication, lack of guidance by your elders, another love affair of husband/wife, unable to forgive and forget mistakes, lack of giving respect and honor to a life partner, high expectations from your spouse, selfish thoughts and means, etc

Effects of Divorce

There are very side effects of divorce between husband and wife. The rate of divorce is increasing in our society day by day and this is a very crucial issue. We should try to stop this disease. After a divorce, a person faces unhappiness and other emotional and psychological disorders.

They face lack of adjustment problem in a society. The financial status of a woman also falls if she was totally dependent on a man. Moreover, this badly affects mostly the children of the divorced couple.

Children fall into the victim as a result of unhappy marriages

Children will become a victim and they have to face more mental, behavioral and psychological issues. They fall into a disorder of an inferiority complex. They feel complexed in front of everyone. Single parent’s children always feel depressed and never do anything for success in his/her life.

They get small things on the heart. Also, children of a divorced couple never get a good result in studies. They cannot do any work with full concentration. Life is so hard and difficult to spend for them. Parents need to know that kids feelings are important too, so they need to take their separation matter seriously.

To stop and deal with such issues and divorce problem, we should consult someone who is educated and who have the knowledge and ability to solve such issues of a life. He will guide us how can we overcome this problem.

Moreover, we can change our mindset by taking a few steps to overcome this issue and get our marriages safe.

How can Aamil Toseeq help to stop divorce problem?

If there is no genuine reason for having a divorce between husband/wife, Aamil Toseeq is a well-known consultant. He knows how to guide someone who is facing this issue and have the skills of counseling to stop this problem.

If you want to have the motivation to stop the divorce problem, come and share your issues with us. We are working 24/7 hours for consultation services and hear your issues. Our rates of consultation services are very low and reasonable.

You are no longer alone, we are always there to vanish your issues and make your life full of happiness and change the negative patterns of your lives into positive.

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